Monday, 21 March 2011

Lose the last 5kg...

1.      Have you bought a great dress but can’t fit into it anymore?
2.      Do you have to go to a wedding or event in 2 weeks and want to look hot?
3.      Are you going on holiday and need to look great in your bikini?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is well worth you reading.

As busy women we all find ourselves running out of time to look great for a big event. The quickest way to lose weight fast is to significantly reduce your calorie intake in relation to what you are expending. As this calculation process can take time and be annoying to have to record down everything you eat, the best solution is to use meal replacement shakes to replace 2 of your daily meals.

The perfect diet to lose those last 5kg is as follows:

Breakfast                meal replacement shake
Morning snack           1 piece of fruit & cup or tea/herbal tea/coffee
Lunch                     meal replacement shake or soup & 1 cup of vegetables or salad
Afternoon snack        1 piece of fruit – banana is a great satisfying treat & cup of tea/herbal tea
Dinner                     Fist size portion of protein and 2-3 cups of vegetables
Night snack              low calorie hot chocolate (no more that 50 calories per cup)
                             Cup of herbal tea & one tea biscuit

Walk fast for 30 minutes everyday
Drink 1.5 to 2litres of water per day
Only use cooking oil spray
No butter, only use milk in your tea and coffee unless required in your meal replacement shake
Use as many herbs and spices and you like to flavour your vegetables and salads
No breads, rice, pasta, potato

For the first couple of days you may feel some withdrawal symptoms from not having sugars and carbs but after about 2-3 days your body will go into Ketosis. This is where you will lose weight fast. Ketosis is when your body uses fat for energy rather than the carbohydrates than you normally have. Carbohydrates and sugar is the first thing your body uses for energy. When you don’t feed your body these sources it will turn to your fat stores and start using them for energy….does that sound like what we all want to happen!!

You will lose weight fast and feel energized in the process.
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